The Odyssey of a Purple Heart Vet

by James Beverly Willis
Reviewed date: 2019 Jul 15
226 pages
cover art

I bought this book from the author, who I met at Kroger. He was selling his book. It's a memoir of his service in World War II.

Mr. Willis reminds me of my grandfather. He loves Jesus and he works hard. Mr. Willis grew up on a farm in Indiana, and attended Purdue. (Tuition was $72 a semester, which he paid for with a summer job and a part time job while he was in school. I ran the numbers. Today, you'd need to find a job that pays well over $20 an hour to make that work. Fat chance.)

Well, he got drafted, went off to war. He participated in the Battle of Okinawa and got shot through the shoulder. He survived. He did not have to participate in the invasion of Japan, because the US dropped a couple of atom bombs, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and Japan surrendered. There was no invasion of Japan after all.

It's not great literature or anything, but the stories of those who lived through the war are important to remember.

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