Titanic Crossing

by Barbara Williams
Reviewed date: 2011 Mar 31
176 pages
cover art

Thirteen-year-old Albert Trask travels aboard the new ocean liner Titanic when his mother moves the family back to Washington, D.C. from their home in London. The writer, Barbara Williams, spends most of the book exploring Albert's feelings about his complicated family situation, but finds time to introduce readers to the complexities of classism that existed in that era. It's a poignant story that feels very much as if it could be true, although the characters (except for the ship's officers) are fictional. The ship's sinking takes a few brief chapters at the end.

It starts slowly, and Albert's penchant for overthinking everything gets annoying, but it does give us an insight into the world of 1912 that a simple recounting of the facts would not provide. I recommend it.

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