Just a Geek

by Wil Wheaton
Reviewed date: 2005 Jun 30
267 pages
cover art

Actor Wil Wheaton quit his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation to pursue a movie career that never happened. Now in Just a Geek he shows us his transition from struggling actor to writer. Just a Geek contains stories about auditions, Star Trek conventions, his family, his childhood, and his first ventures into writing.

Mr. Wheaton is an excellent actor and a good writer. This book contains many portions of his early writing from his online web log, so you can actually see him improving his craft as the book goes on. I enjoyed the book, even though I'd read most of his blog before. If you're not a geek or if you don't care about Star Trek, the book will hold less value for you. Still, it's pretty good. Read it.

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