Dancing Barefoot

by Wil Wheaton
Reviewed date: 2005 Jun 26
110 pages
cover art

When Wil Wheaton (the actor who played in Stand By Me and who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation) was writing his book Just A Geek he had some material that wouldn't fit, so he put together this small book for his fans. Dancing Barefoot is indeed for fans only. It contains five stories--only one of which has anything to do with his acting, which is what most people want to know about--at at 110 pages doesn't justify its $14.95 cover price. It's $10.47 on Amazon.com but I'd say its content is worth closer to $4. It's not bad, it's just too short to charge that much.

  • Houses in Motion: Cleaning out aunt's house.
  • Ready Or Not Here I Come: Wil plays games with his kids.
  • Inferno: Teenage angst.
  • We Close Our Eyes: Wil and his wife, in love, in the rain.
  • The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants: Wil works a Star Trek convention and reminisces on his Star Trek days as he tries to shake off the stinging comments of some fans. Worth reading for his story about William Shatner.

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