The Pnume

by Jack Vance
Series: Planet of Adventure 4
Reviewed date: 2012 Oct 29
Rating: 3
125 pages
cover art

When we last saw Adam Reith, he was finishing up a spaceship built with spare parts purchased secretively from the Dirdir. Unfortunately, before he is able to blast off for Earth, Reith is captured by the Pnume and delivered to their underground civilization. Once underground, Reith evades the Pnume, rescues a young woman, and manages to win his way to the surface again. Once he makes his way back to Sivishe, he discovers his spaceship is gone.

But fortunately, all is not lost. Reith's companion has removed the spaceship and hidden it safely away. Reith rejoins his companion and they leave Tschai and head for Earth.

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