Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

by James Tiptree, Jr.
Reviewed date: 2018 Oct 12
508 pages
cover art

I thought I'd read a lot of Tiptree stories, but as it turns out, no. The only story I recall maybe reading was "The Girl Who Was Plugged In" but even that may not be true. Oh, and I had recently read "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?"

Tiptree is a man-hating, sex-obsessed feminist. Her writing is unlike anything I've ever come across. The sex is always abusive and often gruesome and deadly. More than one story ends up with a woman literally leaving the entire human race behind to go live with aliens, because that's preferable to spending another moment on a world that includes men. To be fair, if I were a woman who lived in the societies that Tiptree portrays in her stories, I'd leave too.

I'm not sure I liked all the stories, and I'm quite sure that they aren't all science fiction. But they are good.

  • The Last Flight of Dr. Ain
  • The Screwfly Solution
  • And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side
  • The Girl Who Was Plugged In
  • The Man Who Walked Home
  • And I Have Come Upon This Place by Lost Ways
  • The Women Men Don't See
  • Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light!
  • Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
  • With Delicate Mad Hands
  • A Momentary Taste of Being
  • We Who Stole the Dream
  • Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
  • Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death
  • On the Last Afternoon
  • She Waits for All Men Born
  • Slow Music
  • And So On, and So On

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