Fantasy Book Review

Pirates in Oz

by Ruth Plumly Thompson
Series: Oz 25
Reviewed date: 2023 Dec 31
225 pages
cover art

This was a fun book.

Captain Samuel Salt
We get introduced to Captain Salt, a pirate who's more interested in exploring than pirating. His crew deserts him.

Peter Brown
Our friend from Philadelphia, Peter Brown returns.

King Ato the Eighth of Octagon Isle, and Roger the Read Bird
King Ato is a king whose subjects are tired of his dull and boring rule. They desert him and go off to find adventure, maybe fight a war. Ato is left with only Roger, his bird, to accompany him. He teams up with Captain Salt and Peter Brown.

Menankypoo, the Gnome King, and Clocker
Meanwhile in the kingdom of Menankypoo, the silent citizens are looking for a new king. The Gnome King happens by, and figures this is a great opportunity, so he assumes the kingship. The Gnome King finds a co-conspirator in Clocker, a large living clock that once belonged to Cadj the Conjurer. Additionally, Captain Salt's former pirate crew join forces with the Gnome King and Menankypoo, and they all set off to the Emerald City to depose Ozma and conquer Oz.

Foiled again
Of course Peter, Ato, and Captain Salt get wind of this, and hurry to the Emerald City just in time to foil the Gnome King once again.

Notable characters
The book introduces a few more fun characters. I particularly enjoyed the Bananny Goat, whose horns are bananas. The Bananny Goat is good for an endless supply of bananas. And then there is Pigasus, a flying pig. Anybody riding Pigasus is magically compelled to speak in rhyme. Well that certainly is a Ruth Plumly Thompson sort of touch, isn't it?

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