Sturgeon in Orbit

by Theodore Sturgeon
Reviewed date: 2007 Mar 4
159 pages
cover art

Sturgeon is relatively unknown to me, and that's a pity. I enjoyed every story in this thin collection. I intend to read as much Sturgeon as I can lay my hands on.

  • Extrapolation: Wolf Reger is advising aliens on how to invade Earth, but his wife refuses to believe he is a traitor.
  • The Wages of Synergy: Someone has invented a chemical that causes complete heart failure at the moment sexual climax--and key scientists are dropping dead.
  • Make Room for Me: Mind parasites on Titan are multiplying too rapidly for their hosts, so they send an advance scout to prepare Earth for colonization.
  • The Heart: A young woman focuses her hatred on her true love's diseased heart, determined to destroy the disease through the power of hatred.
  • The Incubi of Parallel X: The Ffanx arrive from a parallel dimension and slaughter the women of Earth. Dr. Gesell constructs another gateway and hides Earth's women in another parallel dimension, then designs a secret weapon that defeats the Ffanx. Unfortunately Gesell dies in the process, and there is nobody left to open the gateway and retrieve Earth's women.

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