Case and the Dreamer and other stories

by Theodore Sturgeon
Reviewed date: 2007 Mar 24
160 pages
cover art

Sturgeon is quickly becoming one of my favorite short story writers.

  • Case and the Dreamer: A test drive of an experimental space engine ends in disaster, and Lt. Case Hardin escape in a life boat with one other crewmember: Jan. They find an impossible idyllic Earth-like planet floating alone in space, but their paradise is interrupted when the planet turns malevolent and tries to kill them.
  • If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?: After the Exodus from Earth, a network of colonized planets is linked by Drive Guides. Charli Bux discovers a secret: a perfect Earth-like planet named Vexvelt, impossibly rich in all natural resources, of which all knowledge has been intentionally destroyed. The colonists on Vexvelt have established a social order so repugnant that everybody would rather pretend the planet doesn't exist than to interact with the Vexveltians.
  • When You Care, When You Love: A young woman's true love is dying of choriocarcinoma, so she devises a plan: using her vast wealth, she will have him cloned, and his childhood environment and experiences duplicated in exacting detail, thereby producing once again the man she loves.

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