by Theodore Sturgeon
Reviewed date: 2008 Jan 17
187 pages
cover art

  • Need: In the small New York town, a man named Gorwing can sense people's needs.
  • Abreaction: A bulldozer driver slips through to another universe; to get back, he must reenact the exact sequence of events that caused him to slip through.
  • Nightmare Island: A drunkard castaway sailor becomes a god on an island of intelligent worms.
  • Largo: Jealous composer murders with music.
  • The Bones: A tinkerer invents a machine that plays back life experiences from bits of dead bone, and the sheriff persuades him to use it help solve a crime.
  • Like Young: As mankind dies out, they determine to pass on their legacy of intelligence to the otters--but the otters have secrets of their own.

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