Life is a Jungle

by Ron Snell
Reviewed date: 2006 Jul 9
266 pages
cover art

Life is a Jungle is the second book of the Rani Adventures trilogy. Ron Snell recounts more wacky adventures from his childhood as a missionary kid in Peru. It's much like his first book.

2017 Oct 18: I'm reading these books to my son, and he absolutely loves them. He's never been to a jungle and I often have to explain things. Like the fact that they had no cellphones. And no roads. And no electricity. That running water was called a river. But he still loves them--even more so when I let slip that not only is Ron Snell a real person, that he's still alive (I guess pre-cellphone days seems like ancient history to my son), but that I know Uncle Ron. And when I said that Uncle Ron was in town and we were going to meet him, my son was so excited he jumped up on the kitchen table. Meeting Uncle Ron was an amazing experience for him.

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