Skylark DuQuesne

by E. E. "Doc" Smith
Series: Skylark 4
Reviewed date: 2006 Nov 21
Rating: 3
238 pages
cover art

Smith's most famous work is his Lensman series, but his first publication was The Skylark of Space. Smith went on to write a four-book series which is a defining work in the history of science fiction. Unfortunately it has not aged well and I do not recommend it.

Skylark DuQuesne - The fourth and final Skylark book was written decades after the others, and Doc Smith's writing is noticeably improved. The previous books have fantastic plots, stock characters, and cringe-worthy dialog. Skylark DuQuesne has much improved dialog, complete characters, and a fantastic plot. Seaton is still the boy scout, but DuQuesne in particular is a much more intriguing villain than in the rest of the series. The women are even given real roles, and participate in the plot, rather than being mere damsels in distress as in The Skylark of Space.

Ah, but the plot of Skylark DuQuesne. First there is the return of the Fenachrone. But the Fenachrone are mere child's play compared to the real threat: the Chlorans. Unlike the Fenachrone who merely fantasized about galactic conquest, the Chlorans actually managed to conquer their entire galaxy, and are now looking to extend their dominion to the entire universe.

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