by Dan Simmons
Series: Hyperion Cantos 1
Reviewed date: 2003 Apr 26
Rating: 4
482 pages
cover art

Hyperion just ended. I didn't expect the author to wrap up every little detail, but I also didn't expect him to leave everything up in the air.

Still, it is a good book, and it was worth reading. There is a sequel, The Fall of Hyperion and so I'll be reading that in a little while.

Hyperion reminded me of Canterbury Tales--not in the content, but in the style of presentation. We have seven pilgrims on a quest to meet the Shrike, the Lord of Pain, and to amuse themselves they tell each other their stories of why they are seeking the Shrike.

Some of the stories are better than others. I found the Scholar's tale rather moving, and the Poet's story was good as well. Also, I liked the way the author doesn't explain everything about the historical references, but deftly inserts just enough information to allow you to pick up the important parts from the context. Still, there were things I would have liked to know more about, such as Sad King Billy, what exactly prompted the Hegira, and how the current political system arose.

All told, a rather better than average novel.

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