Book Review

Way Station

by Clifford D. Simak
Reviewed date: 2003 Mar 25
Rating: 3
236 pages
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Way Station is a decent book. Unlike many of Simak's books, this one is pure hard science fiction--not the surreal semi-fantasy that he often writes. And I like it--it even had a couple surprises for me, which is unusual for an older book (1963). Most of the older books use plot devices that have been beaten to death in recent years, but this one was OK. The overview of the plot; Enoch Wallace is an old hermit who lives forever, apparently without aging. In reality he is the keeper of the way station, a node on the galactic travel system. Anyway, people are starting to take notice of him, and are wondering why he never ages, and the government is officially observing Enoch to try and figure out who he is and what he does. That's all I can tell you without giving away too much. It's a decent book, but I recommend readers new to science fiction start elsewhere--read something by Asimov or Anderson, not Simak.

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