Tower of Glass

by Robert Silverberg
Reviewed date: 2003 Jun 15
Rating: 2
184 pages
cover art

Tower of Glass is a novel in typical Silverberg form. It focuses not on science or technology, but about social and cultural upheavals in a future world. In this case, the culture revolves around the use of androids as a caste of slaves. These androids, artificial people created via genetic engineering by one Simeon Krug, seek freedom from oppression and a recognition of their status as human beings, not as property.

Unfortunately, like most Silverberg books, it is weak on characterization; I simply don't care about the people in the story. Additionally, there is Silverberg's usual pointless graphic sex; while some of it actually advances the plot, I question the need for its inclusion. Many other skilled writers manage to include sex as a significant part of the plot without being particularly graphic. Perhaps it is simply a stylistic difference on Silverberg's part, but if so, it is a style I do not find appealing.

In short, I do not recommend Tower of Glass.

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