The Android's Dream

by John Scalzi
Reviewed date: 2014 Mar 20
Rating: 3
396 pages
cover art

In a distressing incident, an Earth diplomat's flatulence kills a Nidu negotiator. To prevent a war, Earth must locate and deliver a very special breed of sheep to the Nidu. The sheep, a genetically engineered breed called Android's Dream, was created specifically for the Nidu coronation ceremony. Without it, the coronation cannot be held, and Nidu will be plunged into civil war.

It falls to Harry Creek to locate the sheep. Anti-Nidu factions are one step ahead of him, killing all the Android's Dream sheep that are left. Creek manages to locate one remaining sheep. There's a problem. The "sheep" is a woman named Robin Baker, who (for rather unsavory reasons) has sheep DNA hiding in her chromosomes. Deactivated junk sheep DNA, to be sure, but it's enough.

The anti-Nidu forces try to kill Robin. Various Nidu factions try to capture her. Creek manages to keep her alive.

The whole story is completely ludicrous, but it's a fun read. The various Nidu factions were kind of hard to tell apart, but that detracted very little from the story. I enjoyed it.

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