The Ultimate Enemy

by Fred Saberhagen
Series: Berserker 5
Reviewed date: 2012 Jun 18
242 pages
cover art

  • The Smile: A berserker assassin masquerading as a statue.
  • Pressure: Prisoners of the beserkers use an unconventional weapon to break through the bulkhead of their prison room: the pressure of a growing gourd.
  • The Annihilation of Angkor Apeiron: A copyright trap in the Encylopedia Galactica tricks a berserker into expending its last energies attacking a colony that doesn't exist.
  • Inhuman Error: Two spaceships racing for a human colony, one with a desperately needed part for the defensive forcefield, another a berserker with a giant bomb. Which is the real human, and how to prove it?
  • Some Events at the Templar Radiant: Berserkers trick a researcher at the Templar Radiant.
  • Starsong: A singer mesmerizes the berserkers with his music, and almost manages to rescue his lover, but he falters for a moment and the berserkers recover.
  • Smasher: A scientist couple on a nearly deserted planet defeat some berserkers by leading them to a swarm of mantis shrimp, which smash them to death.
  • The Game: An afficionado of "The Game" suspects a berserker plot when his girlfriend suddenly gets much, much better at playing to win.
  • Wings Out of Shadow: Electronic personalities of World War I flying aces shoot down a squadron of berserkers.

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