by Fred Saberhagen
Series: Berserker 1
Reviewed date: 2005 Jun 16
243 pages
cover art

The first collection of Fred Saberhagen's Berserker stories. Built by an unknown race millennia ago, planet-sized berserker machines roam the galaxy in their relentless quest to purge the universe of all life. All mankind--all intelligent life--is engaged in this ultimate battle for survival.

  • Without a Thought: To trick a berserker, Del Murray must teach his pet aiyan to play checkers like a human being.
  • Goodlife: A man in the service of berserkers meets other humans for the first time when prisoners are brought on board.
  • Patron of the Arts: An artist on a ship attacked by berserkers takes up painting rather than attempting to resist.
  • The Peacemaker: Carr tries to reason with a berserker, to persuade it to stop its programmed extermination of all living things.
  • Stone Place: The combined fleet of all mankind meets the massed forces of berserkers in a decisive military showdown.
  • What T and I Did: A man wrestles with himself over whether to serve the berserkers or to serve mankind.
  • Mr. Jester: Humorous short.
  • Masque of The Red Shift: Berserkers risk all to kill Johann Karlsen.
  • Sign of the Wolf: Berserker attacks a human colony that has reverted to a pre-industrial state.
  • In The Temple of Mars: Berserker worshippers stage a coup on the soon-to-be flagship of mankind's space force.
  • The Face of the Deep: In parking orbit around a black hole, Johann Karlsen waits for rescue.

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