The Mindwarpers

by Eric Frank Russell
Reviewed date: 2012 May 19
Rating: 3
158 pages
cover art

Richard Bransome works at a top-secret government lab, which has been beset by a strange rash of resignations and key employees just disappearing. This becomes a moot problem to Bransome, however, when his past catches up to him: he overhears a couple of truckers discussing a freak flood in the little town of Burleston that has uncovered a body. The body of Arline, a girl he murdered 20 years ago. Bransome goes on the run.

Because he has no better idea, he returns to the scene of the crime. But although he finds Burleston, he cannot find the actual crime scene. Nor can he find any record of a body being discovered, and nobody in the town can recall a murder 20 years ago. The more he digs around, the more he becomes convinced that his own memory is lying to him.

Bransome, finally convinced that he has committed no crime--that there never was a crime--helps uncover the network of evil foreigners who are behind the mindwarping attack on key Americans.

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