by Stephen Robinett
Reviewed date: 2004 Sep 19
308 pages
cover art

I had never heard of Stephen Robinett until I read this collection of stories, but he is an above-average author. Most of the stories are fairly good. My only complaint is that many of them were too predictable. I saw the major plot points coming several pages in advance, and Robinett's style isn't enough to capture my attention when I have already guessed the plot. Fortunately the ideas in his stories are interesting enough to make me keep reading. This collection is worth reading. I recommend it.

  • Helbent 4: Helbent 4 saves Earth from the Spacethings. Rather a boring story.
  • Jenson's Folly: Jenson builds a matter transmitter for a madman.
  • Cynthia: Quick travel between stars is possible by transmitting your mind into a willing host body at the other end.
  • The Linguist: Memory engram transplants allow rich people to buy knowledge and have it impressed into their minds.
  • The Satyr: Does a genetically engineered and articially created creature have free will, and is it responsible for its own actions?
  • Tomus: By transplanting their minds into young bodies, the Longevitors can live forever. But only if they can demonstrate that their talents are worth preserving will they be reanimated.
  • Pow Wow: Aliens camp out on the Moon and Chief Longlegs (with his infinite American Indian wisdom) is sent to negotiate.
  • The Tax Man: Tax evasion is punishable by death.
  • Projections: Is it ethical to use an advertising machine that shapes the thoughts of its audience?

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