by Geo. W. Proctor
Reviewed date: 2005 Oct 13
Rating: 2
214 pages
cover art

Humanity is divided into two factions sporadically warring to rule the galaxy: the Kavinites and the Lofgrin Alliance (LofAl). Already tense relations between the Kavinites and the LofAl are strained by the mysterious appearance of a colossal alien spaceship.

Except the ship is not alien: it is Seeker, a LofAl exploration ship sent generations ago. Now it has reappeared--utterly deserted save for one insane crewman. It is undamaged, and in fact has been outfitted with a stardrive capable of speeds heretofore unknown to humanity. Both the Kavinites and the LofAl are determined to capture the ship, confident that its engine technology will be the key to ruling the galaxy.

Caught up in the action is Psi Corps operative Donalt Radman, serving aboard the LofAl cruiser Crispus Attucks. It is Radman who is responsible for probing the mind of the insane crewman from Seeker, in hopes of unraveling the mystery of Seeker's reappearance.

Starwings is an irritating book. The first two-thirds build up to a crisis, and then the action abruptly changes. Listen Mr. Proctor: you can't just kill off all the major characters and pick up a whole different plot and expect the readers to enjoy the ride. A book should tell one story: either focus on the mystery of the Seeker and end with that revelation, or quickly reveal the mystery and focus on Radman coping with the aftermath. Attempting both in the same book is too much, and the novel suffers as a result.

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