Impossible Possibilities

by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
Reviewed date: 2004 Aug 1
253 pages
Translated into English and published under the title Impossible Possibilities
German title: Der Planet der unmöglichen Möglichkeiten
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This book is too dull to read; I did not finish it. It is one of those books filled with forward-looking essays, promising that tomorrow will be filled with technological and scientific miracles. Bah! It's just plain dull. The essays are all too short and all written by the authors of the book. If they had written real, studied essays about science, it might have been interesting. Instead, the book is broken into little snippets, rarely following more than one line of thought for more than a few pages. And, being from 1968, it is terribly dated. The entry on computers, well, quaint. Apparently every man will have a personalized thinking machine, attuned to him, to help him analyze and sift through information. Yeah right. However, the book does predict the omnipresence and indispensibility of a worldwide information network. So it predicted the Internet.

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