Who's Looking Out For You?

by Bill O'Reilly
Reviewed date: 2004 Jan 10
212 pages
cover art

This book is good. O'Reilly doesn't have any partisan line to put forth, so this book should appeal to everyone. (Well, everyone except communists maybe.)

O'Reilly's book tell us how we can figure out which people and organizations to trust, and which ones will screw us over. Yes, he names names when the truth is clear. But when things aren't clear, he tells us that too. For example, he tells us that Hillary Clinton is not looking out for you, but that religious organizations may or may not be trustworthy. Who's Looking Out For You? is a practical book. Regardless of your ideology, it is important to find out who you can trust not to screw you over, and that's what O'Reilly tells you how to discover.

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