No Spin Zone

by Bill O'Reilly
Reviewed date: 2003 Dec 26
190 pages
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Bill O'Reilly reprints and comments on some of his more interesting interviews. Liberals will hate this book. Conservatives will hate this book. Hardworking, overtaxed, non-ideological Americans will like it. O'Reilly gives neither side of the political spectrum a pass--he attacks all injustice and all hypocrisy equally.

It's a short read, but it illustrates Mr. O'Reilly's main points about America today. We're overtaxed and the government is corrupt and unresponsive to the people. If we put Mr. O'Reilly in charge, he would legalize marijuana and put a stop to all harder drugs. And by put a stop to harder drugs he means putting the military on the border and stopping drugs at the source. Drug dealers and other criminals would not be put to death--O'Reilly doesn't approve of the death penalty for several reasons--but they would be sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor in Alaska. Those who refuse to work would get solitary confinement. Oh, and the income tax would be abolished across the board, to be replaced with a nationwide sales tax. Charities and public institutions would be required to make their financial records public and would be forced to do so. (I think they're required to do that now, but most of them simply refuse to do so.)

There are some other things he mentions. Probably the most disconcerting chapter is the one in which he brings to light how the major news media outlets censor the news. That's right folks, the major news corporations often don't tell us what really happens, they tell us only what they want us to hear. And keep in mind, these things O'Reilly brings up are not idle speculation; they come straight out of interviews with the people involved--interviews which are included in the book. So if you don't believe O'Reilly, well, it doesn't matter, because he's not the one saying these things.

In the end, those who have watched The O'Reilly Factor on television will already know all these things. If you don't get the Fox News Channel or you don't watch O'Reilly, you might learn some new things from this book. But if you're a liberal or a conservative, you'll probably just get upset.

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