Adventure Fiction Story Review

To Pal-ul-don

by Steve Nottingham
Series: Tarzan fan fiction
Reviewed date: 2023 Dec 30
9 pages
cover art

This story is set between Tarzan the Untamed and Tarzan the Terrible and fills in the details of how Jane and Lieutenant Obergatz end up in Pal-ul-don. The story stars Jane. Or rather, the main character is Jane. Little of consequence happens and it's hard to say that there is any "star" at all. Jane and Obergatz traipse through the jungle, manage to cross the briar patch and swamp into Pal-ul-don, descend into the valley of Jad-ben-Otho, and are promptly captured by Ho-dons. Jane finds herself caught between Ko-tan the king and the high priest Lu-don, who both desire her as a consort. She declares this is impossible: she already has a mate, Tarzan. Lu-don angrily threatens to sacrifice Jane on the altar to their god, Dol-ul-Otho.

And that's it. This leads into the events of Tarzan the Terrible. It isn't a complete story. I would describe it as a chapter, and sort of a filler chapter at that. It's not bad—it straightforwardly tells us how Jane got to Pal-ul-don—but it isn't exciting or inspiring. I did enjoy the exchange between Jane and Lu-don. That was a bright spot, and I think Steve Nottingham has some talent for writing dialog. I would have liked to read more of that.

My copy of To Pal-ul-don is missing the first two pages, but it didn't impact my enjoyment of the story.

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