Science Fiction Story Review

Expedition of the Arcturus

by JZ Murdock
Reviewed date: 2022 Dec 15
29 pages
cover art
cover art

Expedition of the Arcturus tells the story of the seventy-year voyage of the generation ship Arcturus and her mission to establish "Earth’s first true, off-planet colony." Author JZ Murdoch tells the story in reverse fashion, like the movie Memento. That allows him to save the bigger revelations until later in the story, with the biggest one coming last. Or, well, ostensibly the biggest reveal comes last. I felt like the biggest reveal was midway through the story and the final chapter was anticlimactic in comparison.

The Memento-style storytelling gimmick was fun. I found myself flipping back in the story to reread sections once I found out what the significance was. Overall it was a fun story. It would be difficult to sustain that storytelling structure over a longer story, but at this length it worked.

Expedition of the Arcturus was published in the March 2013 issue of Perihelion Science Fiction, an online magazine. It is also available as an ebook wherever fine ebooks are sold, e.g., Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

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