Seeds of Change

by Thomas F. Monteleone
Reviewed date: 2005 Jan 1
Rating: 1
190 pages
cover art

A Warning: Seeds of Change is unoriginal, boring, and predictable. It relies on the worst overused tropes of science fiction. It is poorly paced, pedestrian, and uninspired. One could write it off as juvenile pulp fiction except that it contains just enough sex to make it inappropriate for preteens. There is no basis upon which Seeds of Change can be recommended.

Plot synopsis: Most of humanity lives in insulated domed Citiplexes; every aspect of their lives is controlled by the government, which is controlled in turn by the computers. A small group of independent freedom fighters rebels against the Citiplexes. They call themselves the Sierra; they live off the land, scavenge for ancient American technology, and wage eternal war against the evil robot armies of the Citiplexes. The Sierra have no chance of winning.

Except that suddenly on Mars, the long-lost human colony recieves a visit from a passing alien spaceship. The aliens are in a hurry but thoughtfully give the humans a spaceship before they leave. The Martian humans take their new spaceship and race back to Earth to destroy the Citiplexes with the powerful alien weaponry. The Citiplexes are defeated and everyone in them dies. The Sierra inherit the Earth. This is a happy ending.

Evil Thoughts: The book is a waste of time. Seeds of Change does not deserve to sit on my shelf, so I have decided to burn it. I shall save the ashes and mail them to Harlequin Enterprises, the Canadian publishing company that released this insipid book upon an unsuspecting public.

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