Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

by H.P. Lovecraft and others
Reviewed date: 2004 Nov 13
461 pages
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Horror. Cthulhu. It's all here. Skip all the stories between The Call of Cthulhu and The Haunter of the Dark--they pale before the remainder of this collection. Cthulhu fans will appreciate this anthology but I do not otherwise recommend it. The dark mood and lofty impersonal tone of those stories cast such a pall of despair over life that I fell into despondency.

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  • The Call of Cthulhu, by H.P. Lovecraft -
  • The Return of the Sorcerer, by Clark Ashton Smith - A man is employed to translate the Necronomicon.
  • Ubbo-Sathla, by Clark Ashton Smith - Paul Tregardis gazes into a crystal and is carried off into dreams of another life.
  • The Black Stone, by Robert E. Howard - Man discovers the secret horrors and sacrificial rites of the Black Stone.
  • The Hounds of Tindalos, by Frank Belknap Long - Non-Euclidean monsters wreak destruction upon those who seek to break free of the three confining dimensions of the universe.
  • The Space-Eaters, by Frank Belknap Long - Strange fog in the woods, a man with a hole in his head, and what horrors are to blame for this?
  • The Dwellers in Darkness, by August Derleth - A man disappears from his cabin in the woods, so his friends go out to investigate the strange noises and apparitions he spoke of in his letters.
  • Beyond the Threshold, by August Derleth - Haunted house and crazy old man who wants to cross the threshhold, whatever that is.
  • The Shambler from the Stars, by Robert Bloch - Man and his friend find a copy of De Vermis Mysteriis and one of them meets with a horrible death.
  • The Haunter of the Dark, by H.P. Lovecraft - Strange things in a deserted old church.
  • The Shadow from the Steeple, by Robert Bloch - Sequel to The Haunter of the Dark. Mr. Fiske's investigations into the death of his friend Robert Blake leads him to Dr. Ambrose Dexter.
  • Notebook Found in a Deserted House, by Robert Bloch - Kid's family is carried off by strange things in the woods, and he sits around writing about it in a diary.
  • The Salem Horror, by Henry Kuttner - This is a good story. A man renting a house discovers that his creative mind is sharpened when he moves his office to the Witch Room in the basement.
  • The Terror from the Depths, by Fritz Leiber - Good story. West coast man has strange dreams which he puts into poetry--which attracts the attention of professors from Miskatonic University.
  • Rising with Surtsey, by Brian Lumley - Man's brother goes insane and appears to be possessed by something.
  • Cold Print, by Ramsey Campbell - Searching for horror stories in old bookstores.
  • The Return of the Lloigor, by Colin Wilson -
  • My Boat, by Joanna Russ - Why is this story even in this collection?
  • Sticks, by Karl Edward Wagner - Easily one of the best stories in this anthology.
  • The Freshman, by Philip Jose Farmer - Student at Miskatonic University is introduced to greater horrors than even he anticipated.
  • Jerusalem's Lot, by Stephen King - Last man of a cursed line goes to live in an evil house. De Vermis Mysteriis puts in an appearance.
  • Discovery of the Ghooric Zone, by Richard A. Lupoff - Shoggoths on the tenth planet. I hated this story.

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