Crawling Between Heaven And Earth

by Sarah A. Hoyt
Reviewed date: 2010 Jul 2
169 pages
cover art

I'm not a huge fan of Hoyt's style of writing. Nor am I particularly fond of fantasy, and I'm even less excited about vampire fiction. The only story I really enjoyed in this bunch was Songs, a ghost story about a gay man searching for his lover. The entire book is available online for free as part of the Baen Free Library.

  • Elvis Died for Your Sins: Elvis Presley is a demigod and works at a used bookstore.
  • Like Dreams of Waking: A wounded Confederate soldier slips through space-time to see the possible outcome of a Southern victory, and realizes that the only way to save democracy on the American continent is for the south to lose the war.
  • Ariadne's Skein: Encounter with the Minotaur.
  • Thirst: Vampires in ancient Rome.
  • Dear John: Cloned Marilyn Monroe streetwalker meets cloned Jack Kennedy.
  • Trafalgar Square: Alternate world where China is a bastion of freedom and democracy, and Britain and Western Europe are under the grip of communism.
  • The Green Bay Tree: Susannah Hall is upset that her father, William Shakespeare, condones her sister's amoral lifestyle.
  • Another George: The last drake realizes that his mate is the last female dragon on Earth, and decides that humanity would be better off without dragonkind.
  • Songs: Phil travels back to the dingy motel room where he deserted his college lover, Nick, and finds Nick's songs crooning through the antique radio.
  • Thy Vain Worlds: Kratrina Cryssa is held in the rest home, to protect her from a parasitic alien shapeshifter that preys upon her vulnerability and her emotional response to feed its young.
  • Crawling Between Heaven and Earth: William Shakespeare lets go of his younger brother Edmund, who is caught in the shadow of Will's accomplishments and reputation.

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