I Will Fear No Evil

by Robert A. Heinlein
Reviewed date: 2008 Jun 30
Rating: 1
512 pages
cover art

Common responses to I Will Fear No Evil are "Heinlein is a huge perv," "Heinlein is a dirty old man," and "Heinlein is a lecherous hedonist."

The premise is promising. Johann Sebastian Bach Smith cheats death by having his brain transplanted into a healthy young body. The twist? His new body is female. A good writer would explore the impact of gender change on Johann's identity. Heinlein spends the book fixated on sex.

As usual, Heinlein makes sex excruciatingly dull. I'd rather be stung by bees than read this.

I Will Fear No Evil has no plot to speak of. Legal wrangling about the identity of Johann is boring, and Johann's antipathy for his granddaughters borders on psychopathy. The only good thing about I Will Fear No Evil is that you don't have to read it.

I got halfway through and decided to call it quits. I did not finish this drivel.

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