After Things Fell Apart

by Ron Goulart
Reviewed date: 2022 May 29
Rating: 1
189 pages
cover art

I don't know why I read another Ron Goulart book. I don't like funny science fiction, and Ron Goulart writes funny--absurdist, really--science fiction. I don't like the computers that argue and talk back. I don't like the sexist jokes, or the n----r jokes or the f----t jokes (censoring is mine, not Goulart's, because apparently you could print those words in the 1970s), or the hilarious bits about domestic violence or harassment or murder. It's all absurdist and slapstick and completely over the top, and none of it is mean-spirited. On the contrary, it's all lighthearted and fun. I just find it tasteless and not funny.

After Things Fell Apart is not for me, thanks.

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