A Small Colonial War

by Robert Frezza
Reviewed date: 2020 Jul 20
Rating: 1
289 pages
cover art

When it said colonial, I was hoping for Rudyard Kipling or Edgar Rice Burroughs, or at least Andre Norton. This is nothing like those authors.

It's pure military science fiction. I am not a fan of military SF. This book didn't change my mind.

It's not the book for me.

If you like military SF, this may be just your thing. It's meticulous. In the front of the book is a map, a three-page list of characters, and a two-page command hierarchy of 35th Imperial Infantry. You'll need them. Even halfway through the book (where I gave up) I was flipping back to the list of characters and command structure every couple minutes. I found it tedious, but I could see someone absolutely falling in love with this book.

I was, however, amused that Admiral Robert E. Lee turned out to be a humorless Korean man, much to the chagrin of the welcoming committee that dressed in Civil War period costume and played Dixie to greet him.

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