A Call to Arms

by Alan Dean Foster
Series: The Damned 1
Reviewed date: 2021 May 22
Rating: 2
341 pages
cover art

"A long-winded book that should have been a tight and focused novella." - me

The book is aggravating. Will Dulac spends the whole book trying to convince the aliens from the Weave that humans are naturally peaceful, that we don't want to get involved in a galactic war, and that if given the chance, what humans really want is to be left alone to establish a peaceful harmonious society.

Poppycock. Will Dulac is either a fool or a liar, and if he's a liar, he's not fooling anyone. The Weave find out soon enough that humans are complex and varied, but are most definitely up for war.

So why does Foster spend half his words on Will Dulac's futile pretense? Why, once it's clear that Will Dulac is an idiot, does anybody from the Weave listen to him?

The whole idea of this galactic war between the Weave and the Amplitur is great, as is the idea that humans are a game-changer due to the human lust for violence. But Will Dulac should have been discarded after the first few chapters. He holds the story back.

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