Theology Book Review

The Genesis of Gender: A Christian Theory

by Abigail Favale
Reviewed date: 2023 Mar 29
248 pages
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First wave: legal equality (ended with right to vote)
Second wave: social and political equality. Reproductive freedom. (Post-WW2, women in the workforce)
Third wave: sexual freedom (consent is the only ethic), diversity, intersectionality
Fourth Wave: policing of gender trends, anti-freedom, censorship of wrong ideas. Intersectionality (oppression Olympics) determines the value of one’s opinions

"Too often freedom for women is cast as freedom from femaleness". Page 69.

"Like Sanger, de Beauvoir sees women as enslaved to their biology." p91

Only value is consent. But consent should be a starting point, not the ending point. "It is not enough to say that the best we can expect from sex, morally speaking, is that it’s not rape." p108

"...bodily autonomy does not, as it turns out, exist for women in the same way it does for men. Women, by their very physiology, have bodies that are open to life..." p112

This view of female bodily autonomy, of complete sexual freedom, is an illusion that only exists when women make themselves like men. “…the ideal of complete sexual freedom, of 'bodily autonomy', is fashioned from the norm of male embodiment.” p113

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