Fantasy Poem Review

Under Arcturus

by Michael Fantina
Reviewed date: 2023 Jan 4
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Under Arcturus is a fifteen-line fantasy poem about werewolves and ghosts. I read it because I'm reading every science fiction story with Arcturus in the title, and this poem in a fantasy journal was close enough that it might have counted as science fiction. Well, it doesn't. Oh well.

The poem refers to Arcturus as a "yellow jewel." Interesting. It's a red giant and its color is generally described as orange. But yellow is not necessarily wrong. Orange is a matter of opinion, and a yellowish-red star like Arcturus could be called yellow.

Under Arcturus was published in September 2009 in Dark Horizons #55, a publication of the British Fantasy Society. You can get a print-on-demand copy from Lulu, which is how I read it.

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