Space Pirates

by Gordon Eklund
Series: Lord Tedric 2
Reviewed date: 2005 Sep 8
Rating: 3
223 pages
cover art
cover art

Space Pirates is the second book in the Lord Tedric series conceived by E. E. "Doc" Smith and written by Gordon Eklund after Doc's death. It is a space opera in the grand tradition of Doc's Lensman series.

After having saved the Empire of Man by defeating the Wykzl invaders, Philip Nolan and Tedric turn to piracy when their once-friend Matthew Carey usurps the throne. Together with the notorious robot pirate Wilson, Tedric and Nolan craft a plan to overthrow Emperor Matthew I and restore Randow as rightful ruler of humanity.

Like the first book in the series, Space Pirates is a juvenile. The plot is exciting but the book appeals mainly to young readers.

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