The Return of Sherlock Holmes

by Arthur Conan Doyle
Reviewed date: 2014 Feb 18
256 pages
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  • The Adventure of the Empty House: A murderer is loose in London; Holmes returns from his presumed death to solve the case.
  • The Adventure of the Norwood Builder: A bloody thumb print found at the crime scene "solves" the case, until Holmes notices that that thumbprint wasn't at the crime scene on the previous day.
  • The Adventure of the Dancing Men: Holmes solves a case by using statistical letter frequencies to crack a cypher code.
  • The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist: Why is a mysterious cyclist following a woman, but disappearing into thin air whenever she tries to confront him?
  • The Adventure of the Priory School: A child is kidnapped from a boarding school, and Holmes tracks everything back to the boy's father.
  • The Adventure of Black Peter: An old sailor is murdered in his cabin, but Holmes knows that John Neligan, who was arrested and charged, is not guilty.
  • The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton: Milverton blackmails people for profit; Holmes tries to steal some embarrassing papers back in order to help a client, and ends up witnessing Milverton's murder.
  • The Adventure of the Six Napoleons: A vandal has been destroying busts of Napoleon, and Holmes surmises that something valuable must be hidden in the plaster of one of these busts.
  • The Adventure of the Three Students: One of the students scheduled to take a prestigious exam has cheated by examining the papers beforehand. Holmes deduces that the cheater must be a tall student who is a long-jumper on the track team.
  • The Adventure of the Golden Pince-nez: A pair of glasses left at a murder scene allow Holmes to deduce that the perpetrator has not left the house.
  • The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter: A star rugby play goes missing the day before a game.
  • The Adventure of the Abbey Grange: A lady's boorish husband is murdered, and she pins the crime on a gang of robbers. But when the robbers show up in New York--and thus could not have been in England--and when Holmes finds several discrepancies in the lady's story, he must dig deeper--but without alerting the police.
  • The Adventure of the Second Stain: A document of vital diplomatic importance goes missing. Holmes recovers the document and returns it to its place, without revealing who took it and why.

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