Secret Under Antarctica

by Gordon R. Dickson
Series: Underseas 2
Reviewed date: 2018 Jul 25
135 pages
cover art
cover art
cover art

Robby Hoenig and Mr. Lillibulero are back in a new adventure. Robby and his father are studying whales in the Antarctic, which is coincidentally where Mr. Lillibulero is hot on the trail of the Tropicans. The Tropicans are a radical terrorist group funded by Brownlee Patterson Waub, a very fat and very delusional millionaire who plans to use nuclear bombs to destroy the Ross Ice Shelf, thereby bringing back the lush prehistoric continent of Gondwanaland.

If you're wondering how destroying the Ross Ice Shelf would bring back Gondwanaland, the answer is it wouldn't. Mr. Lillibulero points this out to Robby, and additionally points out that Waub knows it won't work. That's why Waub gets angry whenever anybody questions his plan--he knows deep down that it won't work, but can't bring himself to admit it even to himself.

The good guys stop Waub and his cronies just in time.

Waub is grossly fat, and that's expressly identified as a character flaw. Seems a bit hamfisted even for a children's book.

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