No Room For Man

by Gordon R. Dickson
Series: Childe Cycle 2
Reviewed date: 2003 Jun 04
Rating: 1
158 pages
Also entitled Necromancer
cover art
cover art

No Room for Man is a confusing and unsatisfactory story. It speaks of alternate realities and the realms of no-space, but Dickson is unable to make me understand these fantastic concepts. There is little that distinguishes this book from fantasy except the fact that the "magic" is portrayed as a natural phenomenon heretofore untapped due to the limitations of the human mindset.

Fortunately it is short: barely over 150 pages. Even for a novel written in the 1960s it is unusually short.

Plot synopsis: Paul Formain has an unusual *sense* that protects him from danger. After several close brushes with death, one of which results in the loss of an arm, Paul seeks out the Chantry Guild, whose members claim to be adepts in the use of the Alternate Laws. Paul hopes to be able to use the Alternate Laws to regrow his missing limb, but the Chantry Guild has other plans for Paul and his extraordinary sixth sense. Will the Guild succeed in it's diabolical scheme to bring the destruction of mankind? Will Paul Formain outwit Walter Blunt, the Guild's leader? Who will win? Who will prevail? Why should we care?

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