by Gordon R. Dickson
Reviewed date: 2004 Dec 28
224 pages
cover art

Mutants is a decent collection. I liked Warrior, Danger--Human!, and Rehabilitated. By New Hearth Fires was good too.

  • Warrior: Commandant Ian Graeme comes to Earth to avenge the death of one of his men, Brian Kenebuck.
  • Of The People: A superman must remain with men.
  • Danger--Human!: Eldridge Timothy Parker is abducted by aliens and held captive in a cage surrounded by a moat of acid.
  • Rehabilitated: A lazy drunkard is taken into an institution, given therapy to unlock his latent talent, and sent off to the outer planets.
  • Listen: A little boy finds he has more in common with the indigenous Mirians than with his human parents.
  • Roofs of Silver: Jabe goes native.
  • By New Hearth Fires: The world's last dog has lost the will to live.
  • Idiot Solvant: Science breaks down the barrier between the conscious mind and the unconscious problem-solving mind.
  • The Immortal: A 200-year old ship is returning to Earth--with a survivor still alive on board.
  • Miss Prinks: A chance visit by a creature from another dimension gives Miss Prinks superpowers.
  • Home From The Shore: The people of the sea are oppressed by the Landers.

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