Out of the Comfort Zone

by Ray Comfort
Reviewed date: 2008 Mar 31
271 pages
cover art

I was impressed by Ray Comfort's book Hell's Best Kept Secret, so I figured Out of the Comfort Zone had to be good. (Plus it came highly recommended.) I had expected more of the same, but Out of the Comfort Zone is something entirely different.

Out of the Comfort Zone is an autobiography. Ray Comfort talks about his conversion, his experience as a pastor, preacher, and his work in the tough MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles. He talks about encounters with the lost, the addicted, and the demon-possessed. He talks about his friendship with Kirk Cameron, and how he and Kirk were able to rewrite a key portion of Left Behind II: Tribulation Force to present the gospel more clearly. Out of the Comfort Zone is not focused on the gospel like Hell's Best Kept Secret, but it's the same old Ray, preaching repentance and faith and railing against the sanitized Jesus-will-improve-your-life gospel.

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