Downbelow Station

by C. J. Cherryh
Series: Company Wars 1
Reviewed date: 2018 Aug 18
Rating: 3
432 pages
cover art

I can see why Downbelow Station won the Hugo. Personally I found there were too many characters and the action moved a bit slow. Not bad overall.

Signy Mallory, captain of Norway
Angelo Konstantin, Administrator of Pell Station and his wife Alicia (sister of Jon Lukas)
Damon Konstantin, head of Legal Affairs on Pell
Elene Quen, his wife
Emilio Konstantin
Miliko Dee, his wife
Jon Lukas, important guy on Pell, and his wife
Vittorio Lukas, his useless son
Dayin Jacoby, the guy Lukas sent to negotiate with Union
Segust Ayres, Earth Company delegate/ambassador
Josh Talley, Union POW brought to Pell
Vassily Kressich, self-appointed councilman for Q

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