300 Pages of Crap

by John Cheese
Reviewed date: 2006 Mar 28
282 pages
cover art

300 Pages of Crap is not a real book. Or rather, it is real, but it is not a professional book. It is a collection of internet comedy articles taken from John Cheese's Magic Pimp Bus. John Cheese, sometimes in partnership with David Wong of PointlessWasteOfTime.com, has written a few dozen horrific comedy articles and gained a small cult following of rabid fans. There is no redeeming quality in Cheese's humor, but I find it funny.

The book is pretty much just a copy-and-paste job of his articles into book form and printed by CafePress. Well, pretty much: he has added some commentary, an introduction, and yes, two entirely new articles. I liked the book and it was worth my money despite there not being much new material. Oh, and it only tips the scales at 282 pages. John Cheese owes me 18 pages of crap.

Update 12/2017: PointlessWasteOfTime.com has now merged with Cracked.com. David Wong and John Cheese are writers and editors for Cracked. The Magic Pimp Bus is no more.

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