One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

by Mark Cahill
Reviewed date: 2008 Feb 5
223 pages
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The one thing you can't do in heaven is share your faith with a nonbeliever. Mark Cahill's book is written to inspire believers to be faithful in sharing their faith at every opportunity.

The Good

  • Mark Cahill uses Scripture to show that sharing one's faith is not optional for a believer.
  • Cahill explains why it's not enough to live a Spirit-filled life and expect that to be a sufficient testimony. It's not. Nobody will hear about the seriousness of sin, the Law, and the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ unless you use words to tell them.
  • Cahill explains the importance of using the Law to bring sinners to the point of conviction.
  • Cahill gives a lot of practical ideas about how to steer a conversation to spiritual matters.

The Bad

  • Mark Cahill talks too much about celebrities that he's shared the gospel with. Yes, celebrities need the gospel too. No, a Christian shouldn't use them as illustrations in order to sell a book. It shows a lack of respect. Further, it doesn't inspire the average person to share his faith. All it does is make Cahill look like a bigshot.
  • The Scripture quotations are in a centuries-old, obtuse translation. I'm speaking of the King James Version.

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