Tarzan Triumphant

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Series: Tarzan 15
Reviewed date: 2020 Nov 20
Rating: 2
192 pages

cover art

Another Tarzan book, another pocket civilization. This time the pocket civilization is Midian, a village descended from Angustus the Ephesian, a mad epileptic Christian devotee of Paul who fled Ephesus and ended up deep in Africa. The Midianites live in the caldera of a large extinct volcano. They practice a religion corrupted from Christianity to the point of unrecognizability. They are inbred and degenerate; epilepsy afflicts many, if not most, of the Midianites.

The cast contains the usual sort of characters: Leon Stabutch, a Russian intent on killing Tarzan. Lady Barbara Collis, a British lady. Lafayette Smith, an American geologist. Danny "Gunner" Patrick, a ruffian on the run from the mob back in America. Jezebel, a fair-haired Midianite woman who has risen above her degenerate and disgusting compatriots. Dominio Capietro, a slave trader. Various bands of native tribesmen.

There is the usual capture, escape, recapture, and so forth. It is a workmanlike Tarzan story, well told but not particularly memorable. I'd rate this one low.

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