Tarzan and the Lion Man

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Series: Tarzan 17
Reviewed date: 2021 Feb 2
Rating: 3
192 pages
cover art

A Hollywood studio trying to shoot a movie on location in the deep jungle of Africa? It sounds like something a studio executive would dream up. Of course it all goes wrong and the leading actor and actresses end up lost in the jungle.

Are we really doing the "Tarzan meets a doppelganger" plot again? ERB used Esteban Miranda, the man who looks exactly like Tarzan, in two books already. Now we have Stanley Obroski, a Hollywood actor who coincidentally looks exactly like Tarzan. And speaking of doppelgangers, the starlet (Naomi Madison) and her body double (Rhonda Terry) are also so similar that people can't tell them apart.

Lol. Rhonda is kidnapped by gorillas speaking English in a British accent, and they take her to their King, Henry the Eighth. It's ludicrous and it came out of nowhere. ERB is having too much fun.

So...now Tarzan is impersonating Stanley Obroski, even to the point of allowing Naomi to fall in love with him, and he's doing this because...why? All of Tarzan's actions in this book are without proper motivation. He is a bogeyman, a plot device, a gimmick. Even more so in the final chapter when he spends a few days in Hollywood just to see what all the fuss is about, and is told he is unsuitable to play the role of Tarzan in an upcoming film. Ha ha. But seriously, what got into Edgar Rice Burroughs? This book has some great moments, but overall it doesn't fit together at all.

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