Tarzan and the City of Gold

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Series: Tarzan 16
Reviewed date: 2020 Dec 31
Rating: 2
190 pages
cover art

I usually complain about the convoluted plots of Tarzan books. Edgar Rice Burroughs tends to put multiple groups of people into the jungle, and have the main characters be captured, escape, recaptured, etc. It's complicated.

Not in Tarzan and the City of Gold. The plot has none of that. It's straightforward, a single plot thread. And although I appreciate the change of pace, the book itself is a disappointment. Most of the best bits have been done better in previous books. In fact, in my view, Tarzan and the City of Gold is a poor attempt to rewrite Tarzan and the Lost Empire, except that this go-round Burroughs doesn't take the time to do it properly.

Perhaps I'm too harsh on the man, and perhaps there's more going on in this book than I realize. But I didn't much care for it. The book was barely passable. The Tarzan series is wearing thin.

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