The Red Hawk

by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Series: Moon 3
Reviewed date: 2008 Dec 19
Rating: 2
100 pages
cover art

The Red Hawk is the final installment in the Moon series. Mercifully. These stories are not Edgar Rice Burroughs's finest.

It has been centuries since the Kalkar race descended from the moon and overran the Earth. Now, Earth has descended into savagery. The tribes of indigenous Earth men have made war with the Kalkars for generations. Slowly, year by year, the Earth men have pushed the Kalkars farther and farther west. Now, in the days of Chief Red Hawk--Julian the 20th--the Kalkars are on the brink of extinction. The Red Hawk intends that his generation will be the one to push the Kalkars into the sea.

It is a crummy story of battles, and a story of reconciliation between the Julians and the Or-tis. The two tribes of Earthmen realize that they are mortal enemies not by nature but because of a crime committed by a distant, long-dead ancestor. The Julians and the Or-tis join forces and defeat the Kalkar menace once and for all.

The Red Hawk is out of copyright in Australia but not the United States. You can read it online at Project Gutenberg of Australia.

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