The Key to Irunium

by Kenneth Bulmer
Reviewed date: 2022 May 17
Rating: 1
138 pages
cover art

There's nothing science fiction about this one. It's part horror, part fantasy, part sword-and-planet. Robert Infamy Prestin has been losing things all his life: pencils, books, papers. He doesn't suspect anything unusual until one day, while traveling to Rome by plane, the girl seated next to him disappears. Gone without a trace.

Robert is a porteur. He can transport things to parallel dimensions. The nearest dimension is currently Irunium, and Robert quickly finds himself hunted by bad guys. They want to force him to work transporting precious jewels from Irunium to Earth. There are good guys too, but I wasn't totally sure who they were or why they were helping Robert. Anyway, there are shootouts, car chases, even a helicopter gun battle. In the end, Robert manages to transport himself to Irunium.

Irunium is a sandy desert world. Robert runs into a man named Dalreay who speaks a little Italian and introduces Robert to the world of Irunium. (Later it turns out Dalreay speaks fluent English, and both are astonished to learn they've been communicating poorly in Italian for days, when both speak English proficiently.)

Anyway, Irunium is filled with bizarre creatures, both animal and vegetable, and there is the requisite Burroughsesque battle in the arena for the amusement of the evil bad guys. It's not a terribly great book and I didn't care for it. Irunium is no Barsoom.

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