Writers of the Future, volume 19

edited by Algis Budrys
Reviewed date: 2005 Jul 9
543 pages
cover art

L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future compilations offer top-notch stories from previously unpublished authors. There's too much fantasy for my taste, and too little science fiction, but the literary quality is high.

  • Numbers, by Joel Best - Living mathematics
  • Trust is a Child, by Matthew Candelaria - Negotations with the alien Bwotik race for control of the universe
  • A Boy and His Bicycle, by Carl Frederick - A kid's smart bike talks to him
  • A Few Days North of Vienna, by Brandon Butler - Fantasy and werewolves, I think.
  • A Ship that Bends, by Luc Reid - If you live on a flat world, can you sail around the edge and get to the other side?
  • Bury My Heart at the Garrick, by Steve Savile - Harry Houdini faces his death.
  • A Silky Touch to No Man, by Robert J. Defendi - In a world where men live their entire lives in small apartments, and spend their time in virtual worlds, the criminal known as Jacked the Ripper stuns police by murdering a man in real life.
  • Dark Harvest, by Geoffrey Girard - Villagers nurse the Grim Reaper back to health.
  • From All the Work Which He Had Made, by Michael Churchman - Can a robot sin? (Churchman breathes some life into an old plot. Bravo.)
  • Beautiful Singer, by Steve Bein - The spirit of a samurai sword possesses a man.
  • Gossamer, by Ken Liu - Floating alien gossamers show up on Earth and do nothing; people try to communicate.
  • Walking Rain, by Ian Keane - Rain goddess
  • Blood and Horses, by Myke Cole - Protecting Kazahkstan's oil pipeline from tappers.
  • Into the Gardens of Sweet Night, by Jay Lake - Pug dog hires man to help him in his quest to return to the mythical Gardens of Sweet Night

There are a few nonfiction pieces in this collection.

  • Suspense, by L. Ron Hubbard
  • Ten Years After, by Sean Williams
  • To The Illustrators of the Future - Will Eisner

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